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Rhapsody in Blue

Little, little things

so, just bought tickets to HK. Super excited doesn’t cover it a bit - what can i say, the words ‘roasted goose’ and ‘char siu bao’ just won me over (FACT). Food-related, panda-related, vintage-related tips are more than welcome (obviously). And thank you for the replies, messages and help I got - you guys are the best :) 

In serious need of a traveler’s advice

Tumblr, guys, I need your help. I got a massive bargain on plane tickets to go anywhere in the world for one week or two (yes, be jel), I’m leaving my job in two weeks and I just CAN’T make a decision.

I would seriously be eternally grateful to any fellow traveler/globe-trotter who could help me reduce the size of my shortlist, even a little.
So far the shortlist looks like this, for economic and seasonal reasons (bloody monsoons):

  • Nepal
  • Mexico
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Ecuador
  • Canada (Vancouver or the East Coast)
  • Lousiana
  • Guatemala

I’m looking for: great street food, some nature (beach/forest), beautiful/cool towns to walk around (possibly museums), and cheap accommodation. I can’t drive.

Are you from one of these countries? Is one not that great this time of the year? Have you been blown away by one of them? Would you recommend one more than another? Do you have tips?
Is there one country/ city which you think would be perfect but isn’t on the list?